Bonassi Blue Roller Speargun


In Stock
  • Roller head.

  • Cloth bag included.

  • Ideal Speargun for fishing.

  • 16mm small ID progressive roller band.

  • 7mm Sandvick steel shaft with shark fins.

  • Italian Speargun built in 4 different sizes. 


The Bonassi Blue Roller fishing speargun is built with a nylon and fiberglass handle with stainless steel components. Bonassi chose 316 stainless steel since it is more corrosion-resistant, especially from chlorides than 304 stainless steel. 316 stainless is ideal for marine equipment and tools such as this Speargun. The Blue Roller Speargun aluminum barrel has an external diameter of 28mm and an integrated shaft guide with an internal diameter of 26mm. This Speargun is equipped with a 1.8mm fluorocarbon monofilament and bungee with an untwisting mechanism.

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