Bonassi Nemo Junior Set (Kids)


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  • Kids Silicon Mask

  • Kids Snorkel

  • Activities: Snorkeling, Spearfishing, Scuba Diving, and Swimming


The Bonassi Nemo Junior Set for kids includes a mask and snorkel.

The mask within the set is equipped with a tempered glass lens made of high density to withstand the pressure of deep water diving. The soft hypoallergenic black silicone helps prevent mask aging even if it is left in the sun. The straps and buckles on the mask are made with high-durability plastic, making this exceptionally lightweight.

The snorkel provided within this set is a junior semi-dry top designed to prevent splashed surface water from entering the snorkel. The large bore breathing tube makes for easy breathing out of this flexible snorkel. There is a quick release on the snorkel keeper, making it easy to detach, make and snorkel. The silicon mouthpiece was ergonomically designed for user comfort. There is a purge valve on the bottom of the mouthpiece, making clearing the snorkel effortless.

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