Stainless Steel Double Eye Snap (Small or Large)


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    • Two separate size models.

    • Small model is 90mm.

    • Large model is 100mm.

    • Double ended snaps for easy connections.

    • Marine grade stainless steel.

      • Heavy duty bolt snap.

        • Spring loaded gate bolt snap.

        • For attaching lights, reels, gauges, cameras, and other accessories.


This stainless steel dive double ended snap for diving is ideal for attaching all your accessories to create a more streamlined profile. The double eye snap comes in two separate sizes depending on your preference or application. The small comes in a small model (90mm) or a large model (100mm). Both swivel snap models are excellent for daily use or rental applications since they are corrosion-resistant marine-grade stainless steel. Each dive snap is inspected to ensure reliable and quality functions with no sharp edges to avoid cuts.

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