Bonassi Eolo Octopus Regulator (2nd Stage) With Hose

SKU: RP200300


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  • Exhaust valve.

  • Soft front cover.

  • Dive/Pre-Dive mode.

  • Hose length 80cm.

  • Octopus Regulator 2nd Stage.

  • Excellent cold-water performance.


The Bonassi Eolo Octopus Regulator (2nd stage) with hose has excellent cold-water performance. This Octopus regulator (2nd stage) operates with an anti-freeze dry seal system. 

Eolo Octopus regulator (2nd stage) diving regulator comes with a venturi control lever with Dive/Pre-Dive mode. This switch or knob alters the airflow inside the regulator, making breathing easier on the surface and underwater. The “off” setting helps avoid free-flows at the surface.

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