Bonassi First Stage Seat Removing Tool

SKU: RH1010103


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    • High pressure seat extractor tool.

    • Easy Method of removing seat from 1st stage piston.

    • Designed to fit all Bonassi 1st stage regulators.

    • Can be used in other branded regulators.

    • Activities: Scuba Diving.


The Bonassi first stage seat removing tool is extremely easy to use. With this tool, removing the high-pressure seat from the end of the flow-by piston of a first-stage regulator is stress-free. Using this first seat removing tool, you avoid damaging your regulator, and maintenance jobs are much more efficient. This tool is used by simply placing the tool through the base of the piston and applying a slight force to push the seat out. The Bonassi first stage seat removing tool is made from a stainless steel rod, which makes it the perfect tool for your scuba gear bag. Regulator parts are not included.

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